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heh. Everyone else loved last week, and I hated it. Now everybody hated this week, and I liked it. How does that work? Maybe I'm just perverse.

OK, first up: I've been arguing non-stop for a week now that Ellen is a bad, bad mommy, based on her behavior in No Exit... and look at that. Whattaya know, she's a bad, bad mommy. Ahh, the sweet flavor of vindication. Her "loving" behavior toward the Cylons here is quite similar to her "loving" behavior toward Cavil last episode. Which is to say, not frakkin' very. Holy shit, Caprica, run! Simon Wants Your Baby! O.O

I loved Baltar in this. He's half the reason why I loved this show in the first place, and here he is, back at last: staring at things that aren't there, ranting, and making ill-advised speeches about GUNS, we need GUNS! Oh, Gaius and Head!Six, I missed you so much! Welcome back, guys! And I suppose I will miss you again soon, because there sure was some nice foreshadowing at the end of that handing-out-the-guns scene -- I hope you get an equally "subtle" death scene!

Michael Hogan's acting made the Ellen/Tigh/Caprica scenes shine. That last scene with him and Bill was incredibly affecting -- Liam is dead, friends, but the bromance lives on.

I had really hoped that Caprica Six's child would make it. The whole "love made it live/die" thing was way overdone, here, especially that first jump-cut between Tigh/Ellen and Six, but I still really felt for Caprica. None of this is her fault, and she paid so dearly for it. Goddamnit.

The Cylon photographs on the memorial wall were a really lovely touch. I had wondered if they might do that.

I am really looking forward to seeing the show deal with Boomer next week! That said: jeez, do they ever let her have any dialogue? Can we please, please get some exposition from her? Just a little?

Unfortunately, the main plot in this one was tremendously weak. Obviously, the rebel Cylons were going nowhere, so I'm not sure why they bothered with the incredibly transparent will-they-or-won't-they crap this week. They won't. They don't. Surprise, surprise! Yes, BSG, that was half an hour you could have spent on something important.

That said, I enjoyed this one, anyway. First of all, it's funny, and BSG hasn't been funny in what seems like ages. Thank you, Gaius Baltar! And second, because the timing could not be better on the "by the way, the Final Five are not frakkin' saints" reminder: after the last episode, I was afraid this show had drifted out of the moral carpool lane and into Morality Play Only territory, there to be ticketed for driving without a bullshit license, but now I'm breathing just a little easier. Whew.

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Everyone else loved last week, and I hated it. Now everybody hated this week, and I liked it. How does that work? Maybe I'm just perverse.

Well, that's two of us then. ;) The more I thought about No Exit the more I disliked it and while Deadlock definitely had its weak moments, I still liked it a LOT better.

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Welcome! Glad to hear someone else liked this episode!

The last week has reminded me that different people are into this show for vastly different reasons (yeah, I know, not the deepest epiphany there, but you only get so many, so you gotta take 'em as they come!)

I really like the Cylons, the character-based stuff, the everyday-military-life scenes, and the off-kilter humor. I also love the moral ambiguity of the series, and the way nobody (up until last week, bah! >:() is the villain. But there are tons of people who are much more into the mythology of the show, or into the various ships, or into cheering for the Colonials only. And I can really see where someone who's more into that stuff would have loved last week's episode, and would have disliked this one...

On the one hand, it's good that BSG has plenty for everyone to like, but on the other, it makes it almost impossible for them to please everyone, especially with only four episodes to go. If anything, No Exit and Deadlock have me convinced that this show could really have used one more season.


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