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This is a list of the work I've posted here and elsewhere. Everything is rated PG-13 unless otherwise noted. There are many drabbles throughout my journal, also...

Grey @ Livejournal:
100001 (BSG, rated G)
Makes you wonder how the other half die. A story about Scar, set during Season One's "33".
All About Mathematics (BSG, rated R)
45,708 Cylon survivors in search of a home... called perfection. A Simon, Doral, and Cavil humor fic, set post-finale.
Double Fugue (BSG, rated G)
The thing about Cylon projections, Boomer doesn't explain to Tyrol, is that they're always influenced by what you want to see. A loose sequel to "A Symphony For Twelve", set during Season Four's "Someone To Watch Over Me".
A Hierodule's Blessing (BSG, rated NC-17)
Laura/Elosha. Before Kobol, Laura and Elosha seek Aphrodite's favor. Written for [ profile] trialia in the Spring 2009 [ profile] bsgficexchange.
Supernova (BSG, rated PG)
There must be some way out of here... but then again, nobody ever said you had to slink out through the door like a frakkin' human, either. An AU ending for Cavil.
A Symphony For Twelve (BSG, rated NC-17)
Boomer promised to be honest with herself, and so she knows she's got nobody else to love. Cavil/Boomer, AU for season 4.
You're the Doctor (BSG, rated NC-17)
Unabashed porn featuring Simon, Doral, and a metal exam table. Written for the BSG pornbattle.

Grey @ Yuletide:
Never Fair (Quantum Leap, rated R)
Sam/Al. Sam Beckett's job is never fair.
Blackavar's Warning (Watership Down)
While on a journey to Nutley Copse with Bigwig and the others, Blackavar struggles to find his place in the world.
The Conscientious Objectors (Asimov's Robot books)
Susan Calvin investigates a mysterious robotic work stoppage in an automated factory.

Grey @
Star Wars:
What makes a Sith Lord? Palpatine begins to instruct his first apprentice, Darth Maul, even before his own education is complete. A one shot vignette.
Sidious' Gift
Some say that the Force offers each person a gift, one that might lighten the burden of destiny. A Palpatine and Vader story.
Empire Days
Just before the beginning of the end of the Empire, the Sith Lords sit together and remember the past. It's a Palpatine and Vader story.

For the crew of SV2, New Year's Eve means something new, and a little of the same old thing.

On New Year's Eve, Vash gives Meryl something that surprises them both.
A More Perfect Union
Meryl plans a hostile takeover of Gunsmoke, using Vash as her secret weapon. Knives would be proud.
Into the Sunset
Eight years after the end of the series, Meryl receives an urgent message from an old friend.
After the series, Vash takes a moment to renew a vow... and to make a new one.
Not a Revelation
Vash loses track of what's important, but a kindred spirit opens his eyes. Post-series, Trigun/Sandman crossover.


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