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I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one -- it's so obviously Part One Of Two that it's tough to decide.

I liked the flashbacks quite a bit -- this is a great way to bring the series back to the beginning. It's surprisingly effective to see these people as they once were, after all this time. I'm not sure where they're going with this, though. Are they just character moments, or will they tie in to some kind of mystical/existential ending?

In particular, I see a strong parallel between Anders' Pyramid speech in this episode and Cavil's supernova speech in No Exit. Between those two and the humans' suicide-to-save-themselves mission, it seems as if nearly everyone is reaching for some sort of apotheosis, each in their own way. And did I mention they're next to a singularity? :P

Is it there to fuel a "The Black Hole" style mystical ending? Is it part of the Eternal Recurrence somehow? Or is it just there so that the Cavils can get thrown into it at the end?

I have to admit that I wasn't quite as into the scenes on Galactica, though. The whole "final mission" plot doesn't make a whole lot of sense -- with just two hours to go, it seems that the final conflict stands at "Cavil & Friends vs. Everybody Else In: A Heavyweight Match For The Magical Baby", which is frankly rather bizarre, as we still don't know precisely why or how she's magical! Nor is there anywhere the humans could go with the baby if they manage to rescue her, nor will there be much of a ship left for them to go there in. And at the very heart of the entire mission is a deus-ex-machina with Anders, who magically became a magical hybrid who magically knows where Cavil moved the Colony to, because Hera magically drew some star-map dots (and gee, what're the odds that she's magically drawing some DNA dots for Uncle Cavil on the Colony, there?) It's a good thing that this is the endgame, because it's getting a bit tough for me to suspend disbelief.

In short, I'm just not sure where they're going with all this. If they simply steal Hera back and/or destroy the Colony and the 1/4/5s, how does that solve anything? All the "millions" of Cavils cannot possibly be on the Colony at once (that'd be beyond stupid), and wrecking their chances at resurrection is definitely not going to help with their justice obsession. And the humans still have nowhere to go, nowhere to live even if they get the magic baby back.

It seems as if some sort of reconciliation with the 1/4/5s is the only hope (and would fit with the Hybrid's prophecy from Razor), but I'm just not sure if the writers will do this in an honest way, especially after setting Cavil up as a super-baddie all season. Death or conversion seems more likely, and if this is really the way the show ends, I'm going to be deeply disappointed. BSG used to be morally ambiguous; it used to ask hard questions about whether or not humanity really is the only valid form of life, and whether or not thinking machines might also be worthy of existence. If the ending says "actually, it turns out we really are the very best ever -- a bunch of special snowflakes fueled by Faith And The Power Of Love -- and machines who don't want to live that way are evil and bad and deserve to die and/or be forced to live that way"... well, that's a very poor answer to the questions raised in the earlier seasons.

It's also long-term suicide for the Fleet, because without a bunch of machine-people around, who's going to remind the new human/Cylon race to be nice to their own machines 2000 Years Later? If love and religion weren't enough to keep the Cylons themselves from creating Centurions and destroying themselves on Earth, how's it going to save the human/Cylon hybrids Ellen wants to create?

Could it be that the way to end the cycle of man/machine violence is *not* to kill all the machines and all the humans, and *not* to force everyone to choose one side or the other, but to allow *both* civilizations to survive, side by side?

Or, I guess the 1/4/5s could just die. :P We'll find out next week!

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