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Title: One Side
Author: grey_sw
Characters: Galen Tyrol
Rating: G
Spoilers: 4x12, "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"; 4x14, "Blood On The Scales"
Prompt: Identity

"Maybe you'd like a chart to keep it all straight?"

Once, Galen would've hated the XO for that. But they fought together on New Caprica, and they shared a secret song, and now Galen understands. Tigh didn't say it just to be an ass: to him, there is only one side.

Galen envies that surety. He's not sure who he is now. He is Cylon; he is Colonial. He doesn't know how to honor both.

Suddenly, one of the groupies runs to Baltar, panicking. "Mutiny!" she cries. "Mutiny in the Hangar Bay!"

And just like that, Galen doesn't need a chart anymore.
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Title: Phoenix
Author: grey_sw
Characters: Gaius Baltar
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Miniseries
Prompt: Heat

He barely knows her, this girl. He hasn't bothered to get her name, and probably never will. She's fun in bed, though: eager, sexy, and ridiculously hot in his arms, like sweet fire.

If only he'd been looking in the mirror at the time, he might have realized how hot. Maybe he'd have had time to stop it, to fix things, to save everyone the way he always does in his dreams.

But the red glow came and went, and now it's much too late.

Gaius runs for the hills, trailing worthless secrets, the ashes of his world cooling behind him.

Title: Ambrosia Number Nine
Author: grey_sw
Characters: Boomer, Cavil
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 4x03, "Ties That Bind"
Prompt: Heat

"Damn, that's hot."


"That naked dance thing. It's hot. Y'know--" Cavil waves his hand in a gesture that's simultaneously offhanded and obscene.

Boomer blinks. Nobody's ever mentioned it before. "It is?"

"Frak, yes. Hey, I got some ambrosia in my quarters. You want some?"

She's surprised when she says yes; more surprised when they chat first, for hours, talking smack about Six's stupid religion.

None of the other Eights would have slept with him. None of the other Ones would have talked with her. She's not sure what that means, but he snores in his sleep, and Boomer decides she wants it to happen again.

Title: 1010011010
Author: grey_sw
Characters: Scar
Rating: G
Spoilers: 2x15, "Scar"
Prompt: Heat

His world is heat. Engines ever-burning, thermal readings for his enemies, and the searing pain of death and rebirth, over and over and over.

He gets better at it. He kills Them more, and dies less, learning to hide behind asteroids. He sneaks up while They are busy killing his younger, slower, stupider brethren. Then They die, and he is happy. Until They catch him. He dies, sad and angry. Again.

Two of Them, this time, one wiser than the other. He hunts it, ignoring its companion. Almost... no. Death.

But something is different, is missing. No signal.

He dies, happy, at last.


Author's Note: I'm looking for a beta-reader for a longer story, preferably someone who is OK with NC-17 & crackish Cylon pairings (see above). Anybody interested?
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Title: Until Next Time
Author: grey_sw
Characters: Athena
Rating: G
Spoilers: none, really, if you know who Athena is
Prompt: Box

Athena never thinks of them, not if she can help it. Her brothers have names like Apollo and Narcho and Skulls. Her sisters are Racetrack, Showboat, and little Hardball. She loves them all.

She does not remember Leoben's horrid shirts and Cavil's constant jokey bullshit, Six's warm touch or D'Anna's endless lectures. She's forgotten quiet Simon, who gave her her very first hug, and noisy Doral, who gave her her very first mission.

Whenever she remembers them -- which she never does, not ever -- she winces, and growls, and locks the memory away in a little box inside her mind.

Do not open.

Title: Downstream, Upstream
Author: grey_sw
Characters: Cavil
Rating: G
Spoilers: 2x18, "Downloaded"
Prompt: Box

Cavil always does the boxing. Once, everyone took turns... but the others got religion, and Cavil got the leftovers.

This Leoben has a mental fault, but he's still afraid. When you wake up with Number One standing there, you know the deal. "Ssh, Brother, sleep now," Cavil says, kindly, and smoothly pulls the box before Leoben can scream.

He's had practice.

Next is a One, like him. He looks into his own eyes as he does it. Ones never struggle.

Leoben again, a new activation. His eyes, wide with wonder, reflect Cavil's face: the first thing he's ever seen, and, someday, the last.
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Title: First, Do No Harm
Author: grey_sw
Characters: Simon
Rating: G
Spoilers: 4x09/"The Hub"
Prompt: Changes

At first, Simon isn't angry about the Hub. He hates suffering, but not death. Death is inevitable, even for Cylons; five years or five thousand, what's the difference?

The Cavils lock themselves in their offices, ranting about programmers and secrets. They take their log books, lovingly kept all these years, and rip them to shreds.

The Dorals fight each other, snarling, practicing for when they find the traitors. Simon has already disposed of three bodies.

His brothers are suffering.

Slowly, anger grows in Simon's heart, quiet and deep.

They'll pay for this, he thinks. They must pay.

I hope we can do it painlessly.
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Title: Self-Evident
Author: grey_sw
Characters: Cavil
Rating: G
Spoilers: 4.02/"Six of One"
Prompt: Firsts

"We're finished voting," Six had said.

For Cavil, it's a new and disturbing thought. The Cylons have always voted. Always. Frak, he even agreed to join this stupid crusade, all for the sake of consensus! Now their unity is broken, and he's lost without it. He sits in his office, thinking.

I guess, he decides, it means I can do whatever I want to.

That's another new thought.

Well, what do I want?

He taps his fingers on his desk. He considers their fleet, neatly divided; he remembers agony and Centurion bullets.

Then Cavil smiles, slowly, and makes his first decision as an individual.


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