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Great acting from all of the adult actors here, especially Stoltz. I think we can expect BSG-level performances from him and Morales, once they get used to the roles. That said, I thought the teen actors were rather awful (though Adama's daughter's virtual freak-out was decent). Hopefully they'll learn fast.

They're still doing the much-too-obvious thing with the foreshadowing and symbology: I thought the little red Cylon symbols floating through the download were a bit much, especially since that was sort of ripped off from the Matrix to begin with, and the part where the Centurion shoots a paintball at Graystone was way over-the-top. As is the fact that the secret symbol for the it's-totally-not-Christianity Christians is an ichthys with the ends connected -- oops, I meant infinity! Infinity! Do-over! *eyeroll*

I love the Centurion prototype, though. LOVE HIM. He's just perfect: convincingly clumsy and new, and at the same time, totally recognizable. I especially like how he got his red eye when he got his consciousness -- that's a little bit cheesy, but it's still a nice touch. The part where he blows away all the cute lil' robots (and look at that, they are wearing TINY CAMO FLAK JACKETS AREN'T THEY PRECIOUS!) was just great. As with BSG, I already want to give all of the robots their very own show!

I have to admit that most of the sci-fi stuff makes very little sense, though. I figured the Cylons probably got their ridiculous propensity for not keeping any backups from the Final Five, but nope, looks like that comes straight from Grandpa "Let's Use My Only USB Memory Stick Of My Precious Virtual Daughter For This Highly Experimental Download" Graystone. Which leads me to: you can make Cylon copies by Googling? Really? Really? You can make entire people from 300MB of dental records and pyramid ticket stubs? That's incredibly stupid... but then again, I guess I can buy it, because that, right there, explains the Eights! And perhaps Ellen was drunk again when she made John, and typed "Pol Pot" rather than "Poirot"...? Oops!

But then when Zoe is "lost", it doesn't occur to computer-genius Daniel that he could, I dunno, run the same search again and make another copy? Huh? What, did Zoe close the browser window or something? Wait, you mean she clicked the Clear Private Data button in Athenafox?! Noooooooo~! Hopefully they're done with oversharing the details on downloading/virtual-people, because it's really tough to buy.

As for the "message": I think I can kinda see where they're going with this (and I don't mean the Cylon War!), and I doubt they're gonna stop to collect 200 cubits, either. At least Caprica is up-front with the preachiness and the weird anti-technology & anti-intellectual bias, rather than having Angels(tm) pop out of a cake with it at the last possible second, but I'm not sure I really want to sit through an entire show full of it.

Yes, yes, people are awesome and machines are bad, we get it, omg decadent and Godless society, whatever you say. I'm extremely sick of this message, but I'd probably have been able to tolerate it if the show had bothered to explain why it's wrong to have virtual daughters, virtual human sacrifices, or virtual group sex. It doesn't, though -- as with season 4 of BSG, these seem to be axiomatic moral assumptions rather than natural conclusions which arise from the plot and/or characters. A show which honestly explored these issues in a morally-ambiguous way would be pretty interesting, but I'm not sure this is that show, judging from the tone of the pilot. As we're told (not shown!) at least twice, There Is A Right And A Wrong In The World... and oh, would you look at that, it appears the secular pro-technology guy is the baddie again! Whoever would have guessed?! Why, it's almost as if all of this has pissed me off before, and will piss me off again!

Thus, I'm willing to give the show a chance, but I'm not real excited about it: it's enjoyable as a drama, and I like the glimpses of Colonial society, but so far Caprica is way too BSG-season-4 and not enough BSG-season-2 for my taste. I bet there are more scenes with cute Mr. Centurion in them, though, so hurrah for that! <3
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