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Challenge #2 - First, Do No Harm

Title: First, Do No Harm
Author: grey_sw
Characters: Simon
Rating: G
Spoilers: 4x09/"The Hub"
Prompt: Changes

At first, Simon isn't angry about the Hub. He hates suffering, but not death. Death is inevitable, even for Cylons; five years or five thousand, what's the difference?

The Cavils lock themselves in their offices, ranting about programmers and secrets. They take their log books, lovingly kept all these years, and rip them to shreds.

The Dorals fight each other, snarling, practicing for when they find the traitors. Simon has already disposed of three bodies.

His brothers are suffering.

Slowly, anger grows in Simon's heart, quiet and deep.

They'll pay for this, he thinks. They must pay.

I hope we can do it painlessly.
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OMG, Simon-fic and awesome Simon-fic at that! Man, what I'd give to see what's going on over on the Other Side like this.

*thumbs up* I love that the Cavils have offices. LOL! And those crazy Dorals!

So much in 100 words. Love it. (And why is my Simon icon on my other journal. *snarls*)
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Thanks for the kind comments!

I really like the Cylons, and I wish the show had spent some more time on them. In Simon's case, they could have doubled his screen time by adding all of five minutes! :( Doral, too.

I think it's probably too much to hope for many more Cylon scenes in 4.5, but hopefully The Plan movie will have lots of Cylon joy!

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Great use of the prompt. I love the call back to the first line in the last line.
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Thank you! Drabbles are such a tiny space to work in... I think it's fun to play off that. To me, half the joy of writing drabbles is trying something different every time.

p.s. Great icon!

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Fascinating! How neat to bring in the Cylon perspective . . .
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Thank you! I think the Cylons are going to be really upset about that hub... they should have listened to their sysadmin when he recommended keeping a backup. :p

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Frak! You got Simon! And you wrote him... well... as something more than a side character who really seems robotic at times. This... this was great!
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Thank you!

I rather liked Simon when I saw him in "The Farm". He seemed the littlest bit regretful about his role in the Cylon plan... but then Six was like "WHATEVER, STEAL OVARIES NOW!", and then Kara stabbed him and shot him. :p But for that one, shining two-minute scene, it really did seem like they were going somewhere with his character! Oh, well.