Date: 2009-03-17 02:45 pm (UTC)
I'm just not sure where they're going with all this.

This pretty much sums up my feelings about the last couple episodes. I was surprised at how un-interested I was in them, considering the series is almost over.

I liked some of the flashbacks but not others. The Gaius/Six ones were fantastic, and added a lot of depth and cool backstory to their relationship, and to them as individuals. The Lee/Zak/Kara ones, and drunk!Lee chasing a pigeon around? Not quite so meaningful to me.

I lol'ed a little bit at the black hole plot point. That has the potential to get so ridiculous so fast. It was hard enough for me to suspend disbelief when they were on the algae planet, the star went nova right next to them and they miraculously weren't vaporized. But if they pull something stupid like, "hey look we successfully escaped the gravitational pull of a black hole!" that would seriously ruin it for me. If they're going to fly into a black hole, they better get ripped apart into their constituent particles. Just sayin'. Well, I guess the cylons could escape by jumping, but Galactica? Enjoy your space-time singularity.

I agree it's a little strange that the writers have kind of dropped the whole "humans looking for a new home" plot, which was... pretty central to the show until 4.5. At this point it would be kind of ridiculous if, at the last minute, they were all "hey look! A perfectly habitable planet!" Right next to a black hole? Riiight... The only thing stupider would be if they somehow went "through" the black hole, and magically found a perfect planet on the "other side". *crosses fingers that the writers don't use the black hole as a stupid magical plot device to make totally unbelievable things happen*

Could it be that the way to end the cycle of man/machine violence is *not* to kill all the machines and all the humans, and *not* to force everyone to choose one side or the other, but to allow *both* civilizations to survive, side by side?

I want this to happen so much. Peaceful coexistence without forced assimilation/colonialism = win. Unfortunately, it's looking less and less like this will be the case. Have you seen the Sci Fi preview for the finale? :\ Ugh. I don't know how I'm going to deal if, after such an awesome run of earlier seasons, the show ends on such a tepid, shallow, and flat-out gross note as "actually, it turns out we really are the very best ever -- a bunch of special snowflakes fueled by Faith And The Power Of Love -- and machines who don't want to live that way are evil and bad and deserve to die and/or be forced to live that way" . I'm trying very hard to retain my optimism.

But hey, Simon had lines (a line?) in this episode! I squee'd a little bit.
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