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This was a pretty average episode, I think.

I'm all for character development, but are conversations which don't resolve anything really the best use of the slender amount of time that remains?

I liked Baltar's scenes again. We finally got to see him get back together with Caprica Six... but oh, poor Gaius! The sad part is, I think he really has changed, at least a little. I actually didn't get a "hop in bed with me" vibe from him during that conversation -- he seemed about as sincere as Baltar gets. And then Caprica ripped his heart out. :(

Sam the Hybrid is hilarious. Also highly useful to the writers. Our soup of the day is homemade C-Buc Deus-Ex-Machina! May we recommend our daily special: Looks Like Watchtower Is The Map To The Colony, And Yes That Is Really Stupid for your entree?

Speaking of which, the Colony is damn cool. I'm sure the humans will have a ball blowing that thing up in the finale, more's the pity. D: Which makes me wonder: is the Colony supposed to be the Cylon homeworld where all these "millions" are living, or do all the other Cylons live elsewhere? I'm guessing the latter, since the 2/6/8s didn't seem to know about it.

The angels/miracles/one true god/etc thing certainly seems to be ramping up. I hope they'll actually explain this soon. My pet theory: the angels/head!characters are actually nothing more than the Final Five, Kobol Edition. That is to say, they're the last Cylon survivors of the previous iteration in the cycle (and may or may not be the people the "Lords of Kobol" were based on), and they're trying to end the cycle the same way the Final Five are. Only invisibly. And halfway competently.

Oh, Cavil! You may be a wonderfully devious machine, but alas, you'll never understand how much of a bad idea it was to take the kid from Boomer. And, again, the sad part is that Cavil's scene here is probably about as sincere as he gets, too -- I don't think he was necessarily trying to hurt Boomer or even Hera. He just doesn't get these squishy human relationships.

By Hera's "playmates", he probably means Hera-copies of some kind... but I'm secretly hoping it's Simons and Dorals. How goddamn cute would that be?

On the other hand, a Hera!army would be pretty frakkin' cute, also.

More inadvertently hilarious dialogue from Ellen in this one: "we want to end the cycle of violence between machine and man". Uh, huh. Sure, Ellen. That's why your entire contribution to the struggle was "whoops, looks like we made some genocidal robots! Who could have seen that coming?" followed by "you stop being a genocidal robot and give Mommy a hug, John!"

Hmm, and now that the 1/4/5s have conveniently gathered on the big blinky target-shaped ship-thing, anybody wanna bet on whether or not the next few episodes involve man killing all the frakkin' machines?

If so: way to end that cycle, guys!
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